Locate It Inc. is a Private Utility locating company. This means that we are legally able to locate and clear excavation projects regarding Private Utilities only. The “all clear” to dig around Public Utilities must be given by a Public Utility company, reachable for free through Ontario One Call. Most people assume that utilities are deemed public or private based on property lines, but this is not the case at all.

Service utility lines are designated “public” where the providing utility company is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the transmission lines. This designation ends at a demarcation point, typically a valve, a meter, or a transformer. Transmission of a service beyond this point is the responsibility of the end consumer. We refer to this part of a service as the Private Utility. Remember, it is your responsibility to contact ALL public utility owners prior to excavation. It is the law.
These Private lines will not be located by the Ontario One Call service, but can be located by Private Locate companies, such as Locate It Inc.
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